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The Truth Behind Keyword Research

Many people who create website and blogs sometimes think of SEO as if it is a process that you have to do over the long term.

For starters, you do not have to over optimize your website pages for too many keywords to get a good number of visitors. Some webmasters try to get to the top of the search engine rankings quickly for all the keywords they can.

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This process in itself is not an easy task to undertake and if there is a lot of competition for those keywords, this makes the process of selecting keywords even more difficult.

When creating a website, you need to have to optimize your website for one and just one keyword only. It may be enough and could enough to choose a single keyword which may get a good amount of traffic. In almost any of the number of niches, there are an avalanche of keywords that get a lot of traffic.

But if you have only just begun starting with SEO, you really should not go for that main keyword at the beginning. After that, you should select just the two that have the least amount of competition but a still has a lot of traffic. So you really need to take the time and learn how to do proper keyword research.

Learning and planning is required and very important when it comes to keywords. You can work out how much money you may be able to make if you are able to get the top position for a keyword which gets more than 500 visitors a day.

Many websites have a conversion ratio which is equal to one sale for every three hundred visitors. So in other words, a good website will earn a sale a day if it is lucky enough to get 300 visitors a day.

Keeping this ratio in mind will help you select those keywords to earn the right amount of money you wish to make. As I said, this needs some good thinking or planning and not just plugging away and picking up a fistful of nice looking keywords.
But take note that you may be stuck with your main keyword for a a few weeks while you are optimizing your website for it.

As you can see that it should not be easy to move to another keyword as you should have been getting all those many backlinks with your first keyword in the anchor text. So if you change keywords, you now you have to start again from the beginning. If you select a new keyword you won’t harm your site but you may slow down the process of getting a good ranking in the search engines. However, you will still give your website rankings a benefit.

Try to save time and do your keyword research and get it right the first time. And it is good idea to take the time and do it properly. By doing this from the start .you’ll be safe knowing that you are should get the right amount of traffic once you get your site top rankings.

Nowadays, there are many free keyword tools which will give you good results which you should be able to base your seo campaign on. Have a look at http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com  which is a very good keyword tool and easy to use.


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