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Optimize Your Anchor Text To Achieve Top Ranking On Google

There can be many different aspects that Google will grade your website on if you are included in their search engine listings.

These aspects may include the number of different links you have pointing to your site located around the Internet and how long your web site or blog has been live and functional. The more time your site has been up, the more chance you have of getting a higher ranking.

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As well as all of that, the more links you have pointing back at your site around the Internet (this can be achieved by exchanging links with similar websites), the better the chance of getting a higher ranking as well.

Just make sure that your links are on sites which are related to your website topic. As an example, if you have a link for a tomato growing website on a pet website, then that link not going to do you much good.

Also, as well as having many links and good keywords with rich content, there is another thing that Google will give to you and your site that a lot of people do not have a clue about: Using keyword based anchor texts.

Anchor text is the words that are hyperlinked (clickable) that appear on the web page. The text you can click on with your mouse when you click on the link. Anchor text should give  your website visitors relevant information about the content of the web site that you are linking to.
When you are looking to get increase your website ranking on Google, there are many different aspects that you can undertake.

But you need to make sure that the quality and the position of your anchor text on the page is put together properly. As an example, if the words contained in your anchor text happens to be just a whole bunch of keywords, then having that anchor text will not give you a high ranking.

Be aware that this practice actually harm your ranking. But if you do have a good typed and relevant anchor link on your page, then it will help your web site search engine ranking.
It may be hard to take in that Google will consider all these aspects when it comes to the search engine optimization of your site, but believe me when I say ‘they do’. In addition to all of this, it will help if your web site has the anchor text in a good location.

Learning and remembering to do all these different aspects can be difficult at first. And you can not expect to get instant results by doing all of these aspects. All of your SEO efforts are going to take time before you to see them taking effect. In fact, it can take a while for the some of the search engines to even realize that your site even exists. But that’s just the way it is.

The search engines like Google and yahoo will notice your site a lot faster if you have your optimized anchor text link on some other different websites that the search engines already know about. How will know that your web page is out there? Yes, they may just find it by chance but like I said, that could take a while.

After your website has attracted the search engines crawlers, you should start to see some results. With the more relevant keyword rich anchor text links you have on your site, the higher your site will be in the search engines results.

Keep in mind that real live people will see your links and not just the search engines.  Make sure the words in your anchor text are natural looking and most importantly, that they make sense!

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