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Link Building for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization (or seo) has two main areas.

The first of these being the On-page optimization and the second of these is the off-page optimization.

The On-page optimization is a process that you can actually undertake to your website that will benefit your position and ranking on the search engines.

This will include things such as changing your title tags, H1 Tags and so on.

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SEO is just like anything else and adheres to the 80/20 rule. So this means that the on-page optimization will account for 20% of the main search engine rankings.

The remaining 80% will come from link building. This is by far and away the most difficult part when it comes to SEO. Link building is a process of getting some other sites to link back to your own website or blog.

But just like everything else on the internet, it is possible for the links to have varying degrees of quality.  You may get very poor quality links that can actually be bad for your website or you can have good links which will boost your search engine rankings tremendously. Of course, the best links are the most difficult to get.

Just so you know, the best type of link to obtain are the links that come from the Universities or Government website pages.

Many of the Search Engines really love these types of links. If you are lucky enough to manage to get one of these links to your website should almost to boost your website or blog up on to the front page within a few weeks.

Still, the worse types of links are the type of backlinks that originate from restricted websites such as Porn Sites, illegal download Sites or Gambling sites.

So what are the best ways you can get your websites some quality backlinks?

Pay for them. If it is coming from a good quality site, money may need to be handed over.

Ask for them. Find a website which you like and send them an email.

Exchange them. You can place a link to their website on your site and ask them to do the same for you.

Place them on directories. Take the time to register your website with the many web directories.

Get writing. Write an interesting article and submit it to some article directories. Be sure to place your link next to your name in the author section.

Write a press release. Learn how to write and submit a press release to relevant press sites.

You should try and incorporate some of these strategies into your SEO efforts. Having a nice range of these will boost your site but be careful and stay away from non relevant links.


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