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Introduction to the Importance of Keyword Research

Millions of people log on and use the internet every hour of every day of the week.

They try to find things and information that they want to know instantly. Some time ago, people found it easier to find exactly the information they were searching for because there were not so many websites and blogs online. 

Fast forward to today and the situation is very different now. To the normal web surfer,  there seems to be an endless stream of websites!

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So now you have many web sites and almost as many blogs competing for the same searches. But the thing is that most website owners do not put much time into developing their websites. They will most likely create an average site with basic software, and the web visitors who arrive on their web site are left confused as they try to go through the internet to find the exact information they are looking for.

Search engines are the starting point to help people find what they are looking for. One of the biggest called Google works by creating a user interface that allows the surfer to type in exactly the information they are searching for.

Many methods are then employed by Google to show what they believe to be the best results to the typed in question. Google offers organic searches and it also offers paid searches. These are based on a complex script that goes all over the internet and categorizes the content in the best way that they know.

So the main question is this? How do websites compete in the results of the search engines and have their websites listed at the top of the page? By using SEO (which means Search Engine Optimization). This is a process which includes making sure that the website or blog that they have is designed to contain the keywords that people may be searching for. Hopefully, it will then be presented in a style that will encourage visitors to stay on the site.

But you need to know that there has to be a proper relationship between the keywords and relevant content. The keywords must make sense within the content. Keep in mind that this is all about the search engines discovering the most relevant website results for its users. There is no way you would use a search engine that did not give you the relevant results you were looking for, huh?

Selecting the proper keywords for your site is a complex process. It involves placing yourself in the same position as the internet surfer who  is searching for information they want. It also involves researching past traffic trends to see what information people have been looking for in the past and then putting it all together with what your website offers.

Getting keyword selection right is very important in every single website you build. If you create a site that does not contain the relevant keywords that your target market is actually searching for, you stand to forgo a huge free traffic opportunity.

And you will also need to make sure that everything possible has been done to ensure that the pages of your website is has information your visitors will want to see.

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