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Effective Website Promotion Strategies

Lets start with Article Marketing – This strategy is a free, popular and effective of promoting your site that can bring a lot of highly targeted traffic. There are quite a few benefits to undertaking marketing with articles.

The benefits include good targeted traffic, quick exposure, some backlinks and could help to boost page rank which leads to increased search engine rankings.

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Another popular strategy is advertising in ezines. As a website promotion strategy, this is a good one. However, your site and/or product, written sales copy and the target audience play a big role in the outcome of results.

As featured throughout this site, Search engine optimization is an effective strategy which has the potential to drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to your site. To get results, you really need good listings on the front page of some search engines. SEO is a deep subject but you can locate many free search engine optimization information and tutorials online.

You may have heard of Pay Per Click advertising. This is one of the quickest ways for search engines bring targeted traffic to your site. Pay per click advertising can be useful to use in conjunction with SEO. The most used pay per click advert system is Google AdWords, with the next most popular being Yahoo! Search Marketing.

The Google AdWords system can offer a low cost website marketing strategy which will send a lot of targeted traffic to your blog or web site. By choosing good keywords, you can get new visitors for as little as .05 Cents per click. That’s considered to be a low price when you think of the traffic Google ad words can send your way.

For Opt-in Email marketing, you will need to find a way to collect the names and email address of a percentage of your visitors if you want to have any kind of  success with your website promotion campaign. Maybe some visitors will purchase the first time.

But by having an autoresponder email series set up to do follow ups, you have a good chance of prospect returning to your site. Some marketing experts claim your prospect must hear from or e reminded of your site at least seven times before they make a decision to part worth their cash.  Remember that we’re talking about opt-in email here. Don’t start sending emails to people who are not on your list of collected emails.

Joint venture marketing is not just for experts. In fact, it is yet another excellent website promotion strategy which anyone can use which can send a good amount of targeted traffic to your site in a very short period of time. This strategy works by setting up deals with other like minded website owners who already posses a responsive opt-in list. They send out your offer to their list in return for a percentage of any profits made. Quite a good deal as you will only pay for results.

It is so easy to start Exchanging links with other related website. If you avoid non competitive sites this strategy will bring you targeted traffic. It will also raise your page rank. This is important if you wish to be listed on the first page of the Google search engine.


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